Our team


Our Board of Directors is made up of two men and two women, all experienced senior managers, who thrive on challenges.

Here is an overview of their expertise and professional accomplishments:

Luc Fortin, President

After having completed his studies at the University of Quebec in Montreal, he participates from 1985 to 1989 in numerous real estate acquisition projects where he gets actively involved in renovation and construction management. Aware that there is indeed a demand for personalized management services, he creates in 1989, GESTION IMMOBILIÈRE PROGRIM INC. over which he presides still to this day. Since August 2007 he stands as President of the APAGM (Association des Proprétaires d’Appartements du Grand Montréal), an association that regroups the leading real estate owners and managers in Quebec in order to have their voices heard with the Government of Quebec.

A recognized and appreciated speaker, he is called upon regularly to give his opinion and to share his management experience. He saw fit to build strong alliances with other professionals of the field such as: lawyers, accountants, notaries, evaluators, brokers and many others.

Josée Moreau - Controller:

Josée worked in banking for 12 years where she was employed in different capacities. She eventually accepted the post of Customer Service Manager at CIBC’s head office, where she was in charge of 40 employees.

After studying at l’Université de Sherbrooke, she successfully completed the Commission des Valeurs Mobilières du Québec exam and received a Certificate in Securities. She joined the team of Gestion Immobilière Progim Inc. in January 1990 as Controller. She is also in charge of quality control.


With 25 years of experience, Claude became one of the best property manager for residential properties in Montreal. Since 2003, he was involved with the APAGM (Association des Propriétaires d’Appartements du Grand Montréal) to represent and defend the interests of its members, Landlords and Property managers, towards various municipal and government agencies. Claude constantly contributes to the success of the organization by leading and motivating employees who wish to constantly improve their performance and the customer services. He masters management activities such as building maintenance, Human resources, renovations, customer service, rentals & marketing and as extended experience to lead hearings at the Quebec Rental Board in the Landlords best interest.

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