Société Immobilière PROGIM Inc. offers management services for your home or condominium;

Depending on your situation, we offer a worry free environment when you find yourself in a situation where as;

  • You accept a contract of employment abroad, for a fixed term or an indeterminate term
  • You inherit a house or condominium and must have it administered
  • You purchase a new house and wish to keep your present home
  • You are suddenly afflicted with a disability which no longer permits you to manage your home
  • You act as tutor to a person who possesses a house or condominium

Administrative management:  

  - Lease management;
- Rental management;
- Collection.

Operations management:

  - Maintenance and repairs;
- Space planning;
- Service contracts;
- Security system;
- Conformity with the laws;
- Physical inspections of the installations.

Accounting and financial analyses:

  - Budget control;
- Management reports;
- Financial statements.

For your convenience, we also provide a list of suppliers for goods and services as well as a list of competitively priced and competent subcontractors:

  - Building contractors;
- Snow-removal and landscape contractors;
- Locksmiths;
- Fire-alarm systems contractors;
- Consultants specializing in heating, ventilation and electricity;
- Plumbing and electricity contractors;
- Maintenance services;
- Elevator-maintenance companies;
- etc.
GESTION IMMOBILIÈRE PROGIM INC. is the partner you are looking for.

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