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Founded in 1989, Progim was established in order, initially, to develop the personal portfolio of its founder. Over the years, she has offered her services to certain external clients in order to provide them with her knowledge, experience and resources.

Today we offer a turnkey management service to owners of commercial, residential or industrial buildings in order to allow them to generate the full potential of their investments.

Our team of directors, accountants, managers and maintenance staff are able to accomplish any challenge presented to them. It is always motivating for us to add new projects to our portfolio.
Gestion Immobilière Progim inc.


In the personalized management plan that will be developed for your needs, you will be able to find a physical, financial and operational analysis of your building or your real estate portfolio.

After the analysis, we will determine with you the possibilities for improvement according to your objectives.

Progim is committed to directing your operations in an orderly fashion with the profitability of your investment and your financial prosperity as objectives.

As a manager, our team will be responsible for taking care of the household, occasional and preventive maintenance required for the sound management of your building. Our experienced team will make sure to rent your apartments or premises while ensuring that your future tenants meet the required requirements.

Where applicable, our managers and professionals will stand up to defend your interests before the Régie du logement or any other body required depending on the case to be heard.

Our services are comprehensive and will meet your needs.

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